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Through studying abroad, you can develop an understanding and appreciation of another culture and/or region of the world. An increased awareness will prepare you for living in an increasingly interdependent world. An international experience will enrich your academic background and provide new skills and knowledge that extend beyond classroom theory. Moreover, there simply is no better way to improve the language skills that you have practiced in the classroom and gain true fluency in a foreign language than by using it on a daily basis in a study abroad setting.

Studying abroad will enhance your competitive edge in the employment marketplace. Employers in today’s globally engaged work environment look for new employees who have substantial cross-cultural and international experiences. Many cross-cultural and language skills and qualities gained while studying abroad are highly valued by employers. Adding an international component to your education can definitely strengthen your credentials and distinguish you!

Finally, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When else in your life will you have the opportunity to spend a summer, semester or year of your life exploring Australia’s Outback, ordering an espresso in a Roman cafe, or climbing the Great Wall of China? Many UMBC study abroad students have done so before you, so why not join them?