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Ancient Studies

Stroll through the ancient ruins of Rome and envision yourself as a gladiator as you stand in the Coliseum.  Visit the land where Greek mythology once ruled.  Get away for a summer, winter, semester or academic year while earning credits towards your major in Ancient Studies at UMBC.

UMBC Exchanges and Programs

DeMontfort University in Leicester, England

Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden

Swansea University in Swansea, Wales

Study/Travel Departmental Program – “Ancient Civilizations” (ANCS 301)

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP): Malta, the Netherlands

UMBC Direct

Preferred Affiliates and Providers

College Year in Athens: Greece

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad: Australia, New Zealand

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES): Australia, Italy, New Zealand

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA Bulter): Ireland, United Kingdom

International Studies Abroad (ISA): Italy, Spain, South Africa

Towson in Italy, American University of Rome