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Katherine A. Heird, M.A.


Stopping to smell the flowers after exploring Volubilis, the largest Roman ruins in Morocco, in March 2012.

Katie’s passion for international education stems from her experiences as a globe trotter from a young age. Her first study abroad experience in 2000, as a Student Ambassador in Western Europe, helped her to realize her life’s passion of seeing the world and experiencing its many different cultures. During her undergraduate work at Salisbury University, she volunteered for Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca in Mexico. She also spent time studying at the Centros de Estudios Interamericanos (CEDEI) in Cuenca, Ecuador and later returned as an intern in their Office of International Programs.

Her thirst for exploration and experiential learning led her to a career path in international education. After receiving her B.A. in Spanish, Katie returned to Ecuador a third time as an International Programs Coordinator. Katie later joined the UMBC study abroad team in the summer of 2008 and earned her M.A. in UMBC’s Intercultural Communications program in May 2011. She currently serves as the Assistant Director for International Education Services.

When she is not encouraging students to explore the world, Katie is with her family relaxing at home, going to a park, or escaping to the beach for some fun in the sun.

E-mail Katie at kheird1 [at] umbc [dot] edu