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Italian Politics

Italy Study Abroad: May 28- June 17

POLI 260: Comparative Politics (3 credits)

POLI 469: Special Topics in Comparative Politics: Italian Politics (3 credits)

Course Overview (Students may choose 1 course)

POLI 260: Is a standard lower level course in Political Science that satisfies the social science general education requirement. It also serves as a lower level Political Science course that Political Science majors require for the major.

Poli 469: Introduces the complicated World of Italian politics, and an appreciation of the difficulties that Italian politicians face when trying to endorse political change. It focuses on institutional analysis – the study of the decision making process in government itself. It also presents the important role the Italian economy plays in the European Union, and how Italy is responding to ongoing economic problems and the current migrant crisis.This course is an upper level political science course that would serve as an upper level course for the university or as an upper level course for Political Science majors (seven upper level courses are required). 

Dr. Carolyn Forestiere, who spent several years studying and working in Italy, presents a foundation for understanding not only Italian Politics, but also the politics of the other European Union countries as well.

The Country 

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Siena is a small, peaceful city (somewhat off the beaten path) that provides an authentic Italian daily living experience. Siena also lies within easy distance of most of Italy’s most popular and well-traveled hotspots, such as Florence and Rome, Venice, Milan, and Naples.

Students from all majors are encouraged to apply

Information Sessions:

In Fall 16:

  • October 20 @ 6:00 pm
  • November 21 @ noon

In Spring 17:

  • February 15 @ noon
  • February 23 @ 6:00 pm

All information sessions will be in PUP 354 If you are interested this year, apply as soon as possible. Only 15 students can participate. This program is subject to cancellation if there are fewer than 10 participants

For detailed information contact Dr. Forestiere at

Program Cost: $4000 paid to UMBC Study Abroad Office

Expenses not included: Airfare, meals, textbooks, passport fees, personal spending estimated at $2600