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Process & Timeline

Regardless of the program on which they will participate (exchange, affiliate or direct), all students planning to transfer academic credit back to their UMBC degree from overseas are required to submit an application to the UMBC Study Abroad Office. Students who do not follow this rule endanger their ability to transfer credits from a study abroad program to UMBC, and may not be able to transfer financial aid or scholarship funds to cover the cost of their program.

Please make certain to read your study abroad application and submit the required supplementary materials to the Study Abroad Office.  Our staff will carefully review your application to make certain it is complete and accurate.  In addition to the UMBC Study Abroad application, certain programs may have a secondary application.

All applications must include a non-refundable application fee. The fee breakdown is as follows:

Application fee: $100 non-refundable application fee for all study abroad program applications( semester, academic year, individual summer and winter programs.) For faculty-led programs, this fee counts towards overall program cost.

Due at the time of application and upon submission of a complete application. A charge will be placed on student accounts through Student Business Services shortly after the application deadline. If you complete and submit your application and do not withdraw before the application deadline, you will still be required to pay this fee even if you later decide to withdraw from your program.

Participation fee: $300 study abroad participation fee once a student is accepted into his/her program and chooses to commit to it. This fee will be charged when you enroll in the AWAY course that students must register for and will be billed directly once he/she registers for AWAY 098/099 or AWAY 095/096.

UMBC Faculty-led programs: a $400 confirmation deposit is charged upon commitment to the program within 2 weeks of acceptance. Remainder of program costs is charged with registration in the course.

Late applications: $100 late application fee will be charged to students who do not apply by the deadline.