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Steps to Propose a Program

Steps to Follow to Propose a New Study Abroad Program

  1. Contact the Education Abroad Office – Email Caylie Middleton – The Education Abroad Office will arrange a meeting with the proposing faculty director. We will discuss preliminary ideas for the program, including the course(s) planned to be taught and/or offered on the program, any course related excursions included on the program, program location, and when the program will be offered. Early discussions about the program will help weigh how the program will integrate into departmental goals and enrollment strategies, determine whether the program’s academic content meets departmental and university standards, and identify any potential challenges and how those might be best addressed in the program development. A new program proposal application will be created at that time for the faculty director.
    Timeline: Initial interest meetings may occur no later than March 31 if faculty intend to submit a new program proposal for summer and spring break program and October 15 for winter programs or least 18-24 months prior to the intended start date
  2. Determine preliminary logistics – Caylie Middleton, Assistant Director of International Education Services, will become the primary contact for the faculty director. She will review the online proposal process, share information on the resources and support services provided by the Education Abroad Office, as well as responsibilities of a study abroad faculty director. The proposing faculty director will gather detailed information on matters such as on-site travel arrangements, housing options, meals, program events (admission to museums, cultural events, etc.), and determine whether the program will need program assistants. These steps are necessary to determine accurate preliminary costs and budgets.
    Note: Faculty directors who intend to work with a third party program provider for on-site logistics should inform the program coordinator before contacting a provider. Education Abroad staff will then request bids from a select few providers and consult with the director to determine the best choice.
    Timeline: at least 18 months prior to the intended start date
  3. Submit application – Submit the new program proposal components to the Education Abroad Office via the online process.A program proposal consists of several components, including a statement of program purpose, a letter of support from College Dean and/or Department Head, questionnaires, course information (including syllabus),and a preliminary itinerary, program budget and location safety assessment.
    Timeline: by the appropriate deadline (listed in the application), approximately 12-15 months prior to the intended start of the program. Faculty will be notified by the Education Abroad Office of the decision on the proposal once the appropriate committees have time to review the proposals (1-3 months).Once a program has been approved by both the Education Abroad Office and the appropriate academic committee the Study Abroad program office staff will consult with faculty directors about marketing, application advising, and finalizing the program’s budget. Email with your contact information and general subject area of interest when ready to meet with a program coordinator. The Education Abroad Office staff look forward to working with you!