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Peer Advisors


Sara hiking in the Finnish Lapland while on the look out for wild reindeer.

Sara Masoudi

Sara is a 3rd year Computer Science major at UMBC. She studied abroad in the Fall 2016 semester on an exchange program to Malardalen University in Västerås, Sweden. Her best memory from her time in Sweden was when she was invited to a local middle school in town so that the students could practice speaking English with her. While abroad, Sara was also able to visit Denmark, Poland, the UK, Germany and Finland. Her favorite trip was 5 day trip she took with her university’s student union to a resort in the Finnish Lapland. There, Sara got to meet all the other international students studying at Malardalen, take reindeer and husky sleigh rides, eat traditional Finnish foods and even got to visit the real Santa’s village in Rovaniemi (more commonly known as the North Pole).
She joined the Study Abroad Office in February 2017 upon her return to the states. When shes not napping, Sara enjoys consuming unhealthy amounts of Chipotle and watching Parks and Recreation for the millionth time. She loves spending time with her friends and reminding them that “she lived in Europe” so “she’s probably right”. Over the summer, she will be a software engineering intern at Microsoft in Seattle, WA. She hopes to explore the West coast using her new explorer skills from studying abroad.




Mary Rose Spiers

Mary Rose in Graz, Austria

Mary Rose in Pest, Hungary in front of Buda Castle Buda with the river Danube splitting both parts of the city

Mary Rose is a 5th year Bachelors student studying German through the MLLI department. She studied abroad in Graz, Austria during the Spring Semester 2016. As a student peer advisor, Mary Rose uses her study abroad experience to help inform potential study abroad students about the different programs to study internationally offered at UMBC.

Mary Rose began teaching herself German in middle school and knew from a young age that the study abroad community is one of which she wanted to be a part. She began her travels during the summer of 2010 as a Student Ambassador throughout western Europe for the People to People Student Ambassador Program. Mary Rose is an advocate for European-American relations and incorporates the knowledge she has gained throughout her travels every day in her life.



The Study Abroad Peer Advisors can be contacted at: