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Disability Rights Policies

  • Access Able – A link that provides specific information about accommodations, attractions, transportation, equipment rental and repair and adventures
  • Helpful tips for traveling
  • MIUSA – Negotiating your Accommodations

Supportive Resources

Peer Mentor


* The Accessible Programs tab on the UMBC Education Abroad website is a project funded by the International Gilman Scholarship. The student wanted to use the Gilman Scholarship to expand the awareness of study abroad programs for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities tend to have a skewed perception of the barriers preventing them from International Accessible Program participating in a study abroad program (Kutsche, 2012). These misconceptions could stem from an underrepresented number of students with disabilities in study abroad programs and the perception that the experience may be too difficult or nearly impossible for them (Kutsche, 2012, Matthews, Hameister, & Hosley, 1998). Students feel they lack sufficient knowledge about the programs, do not have the financial means to fund the program, and fear their access to assistive devices and services will be inadequate (Matthews, Hameister, & Hosley, 1998). The Gilman recipient hopes this tab will address those concerns and encourage more students to study abroad and apply for the Gilman Scholarship.