International Photography Contest 2022

The Education Abroad Office and the Center for Global Engagement is looking for photos that tell a story and provide a glimpse into the study abroad experiences at UMBC during International Education Week (Nov. 14-18). We want to see images from different perspectives including, UMBC students who have studied abroad, faculty and staff who have had international educational experiences, and international students “studying abroad” at UMBC. Our office would like to encourage everyone who is eligible to submit a photo, to be considered for the First Place Award and the People’s Choice Award. We look forward to seeing all of your submissions!


Photo Submission Guidelines

Photos submitted should capture the heart of the study abroad experience and highlight your personal experiences abroad. The guidelines for each perspective are different so to ensure the correct submission, please take note of what the photograph should illustrate. While artistic quality and unique perspectives are important, submissions should also illustrate at least one of the three themes listed below. Submissions are limited to one image per person.



Study Abroad Students

  • Eligibility: Must be a UMBC undergraduate or graduate student (current or alumni) who studied abroad for academic credit.
  • Desired Photos: We want to see something individual to your experience – something that sums up your time abroad. We are going to receive a ton of photos of the Eiffel Tower for example, but what makes your experience special?
  • Each student is limited to one photo submission. You can enter your photo in the contest here!

Faculty/Staff Study Abroad

  • Eligibility: Must be a UMBC faculty or staff member who has had an international educational experience
  • Desired Photos: A walk down memory lane – we want to see fun and candid photos of our faculty and staff abroad!
  • Each person is limited to one photo submission. You can enter your photo into the contest here!

International Student Perspectives on UMBC

  • Eligibility: Must be a current international student studying at UMBC.
  • Desired Photos: We want to see your experience in the US through your eyes! We want to see photos you have taken around Baltimore or on trips you have taken around the US during your studies at UMBC.
  • Each student is limited to one photo submission. You can enter your photo in the contest here!



Each of the three categories will have two winners. One will be the First Place winner and the other will be a People’s Choice winner.

First Place: UMBC Prize Pack! (filled with all kinds of awesome UMBC swag!)

See the 2022 winners here!

Submission Deadline & Instructions

The deadline to submit a photo for consideration is November 18th, 2022. Photo contest winners will be contacted on December 2nd, 2022. The links to each application can be found above.