Personal Fundraising

Do you need some extra funds for your study abroad experience?  Here are some tips on how to fundraise!

  1.  Online Campaign Fundraising may be a great tool.  Consider sites like:
  2.  Identify potential organizations and individuals who might be able to provide support.
    • Town Hall – local scholarships may be available
    • Chamber of Commerce – can serve as a springboard to locally-owned businesses
    • Local Newspaper – students have written articles or a series while abroad
    • Local Rotary
    • High School or Grade School – sometimes the guidance counselor can provide information
    • Religious Organizations
    • Family Employers – some companies offer aid to sons, daughters, or relatives of employees
    • Employer – occasionally, scholarships are available to employees
  3.  Connect, but be prepared with talking points.
    • Meet face to face- students have a better greater chance of being considered if they can meet face-to-face with the appropriate representative
    • Give details
      • The location
      • Academics – courses to be studied
      • Benefits of Study Abroad
    • Be specific:
      • Airfare
      • Additional program fees
      • Textbooks
      • Visa/passport fees
      • Required field trips
    • Consider ways to give back to the community
      • Give a comprehensive slide show of your experience
      • Share cultural insights, history, language, and/or current issues of the host country
      • Consider service work on-site in the host country as well