Developing a Faculty-Led Program

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) is responsible for working with you to develop proposals for faculty-led study abroad programs. Faculty-led study abroad programs are short-term international opportunities designed to enhance and complement UMBC’s current academic programs. Their condensed time frame helps larger numbers of students obtain a meaningful study abroad experience, particularly those who are unable to participate semester-long program. The CGE will help you through the entire process.

Faculty-led Study Abroad (FLSA) Program Goals

  • Develop international short-term study opportunities in a broad range of disciplines and geographical areas that will appeal to a wide range of UMBC students and faculty and which complement existing study abroad opportunities
  • Keep program costs low to promote accessibility for as many students as possible
  • Develop programs that complement, enhance, and integrate into on-campus programs/curriculum for students to the fullest extent possible
  • Offer courses that are closely and inherently related to the site at which they are taught—and thus offer educational opportunities students could not get on campus
  • Develop opportunities for intercultural learning and research
  • Encourage students, through international experiences and study, to value others’ perspectives and see themselves as part of a bigger, global world

Read this article on Developing Effective Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs (pdf).

Read this resource from the Forum on Education Abroad: Leading Short-Term Education Abroad Programs – Know the Standards (2nd edition).

Proposal Evaluation

The Advisory Committee on Education Abroad and Global Learning will evaluate all faculty proposals and will take into consideration the following criteria:

  • site-specific nature of course and connection to local learning opportunities;
  • new and previously underrepresented study abroad fields of study and/or destinations;
  • financial soundness and accessibility of program costs to students; and
  • any possible overlap with existing programs.

From there, proposals are sent for final financial, academic, and administrative approval.

Support from the Center for Global Engagement (CGE)

CGE will provide student and faculty support from start to end of the process, including program development assistance, student selection/vetting help, pre-departure orientation, assistance during the programs, and returnee programming for the year following the abroad experience. The CGE will also provide:

  • help with U.S. and on-site logistics
  • contract management and payments
  • faculty pre-departure workshops
  • international contacts
Steps to Follow to Propose a New Study Abroad Program
The Center for Global Engagement’s Education Abroad Office is here to help you develop, propose and run a successful faculty-led study abroad program. Faculty interested in proposing a program should meet with the Director of Education Abroad and Global Learning to schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss ideas: Faculty planning to develop and propose a program should have a rough idea of the course(s) they intend to teach and how it relates to the host location. The UMBC course syllabus must specifically outline how the culture and/or location is essential to course objectives. It is strongly suggested that faculty propose a course that fulfills a GEP/other degree requirements. Cross-listing with a graduate level course is also encouraged, when appropriate. FLSA dates do not need to align with Summer and Winter terms date. To see the dates for Summer 2025, click here (pdf). Other future calendars can be found on the Registrar’s website here

We look forward to working with you to develop immersive and enriching program for UMBC students.

Deadline to Submit Proposals:

  • Summer 2025 programs: April 1, 2024
  • Winter 2026 programs: November 1, 2024 

Contact the FLSA Program Coordinator at for a copy of the UMBC Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Proposal Application.