Transfer of Study Abroad Credit

Transfer of Study Abroad Credit and the Verification of Transferability form

How to Access the Verification of Transferability Form

Log in to your study abroad application at Click on your program application and look in the “Post-Decision Materials” Section. There will be a link for your VOT which you can click on and download. You will only be able to access this form if you have applied for and been approved for a study abroad program.

Completing the Verification of Transferability Form (VOT)

You must submit a completed Verification of Transferability (VOT) form to the Registrar by December 10th for winter and spring programs or May 10th for Summer, Fall and Academic Year Programs in order to obtain credit for your classes taken overseas. The VOT form is accessible to all students upon completion of the UMBC Study Abroad Online Application and following the application deadline. The transfer of your financial aid and scholarships is dependent upon having a complete VOT.

To complete the form, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out the form correctly using our VOT Procedures (pdf) guide.
  2. Gather course information on the classes you wish to take, including course descriptions or syllabi from your host institution’s website. You should get information on more courses than you plan to take for flexibility once overseas.
  3. Bring this course information and the VOT form to your academic advisor(s) for approval of courses in your major/minor. They can only approve course equivalencies in their department (i.e. Global Studies cannot approve Spanish courses, nor can Information Systems approve English Literature courses). Your advisor’s signature is required at the bottom of the form in the “Departmental Advisor’s name and signature”. This signature serves as clearance for the Registrar’s office. Your advisor MUST sign this spot whether you plan to take courses in your major or not.
  4. Bring all course information and VOT form signed by your academic advisor to the UMBC Registrar’s Office. The Registrar can help determine how courses outside of your major/minor, including GEPs, will transfer. You will leave your VOT form with the Registrar. They will evaluate additional courses, and send you a scanned copy of your VOT for your records.
  5. Once the above is completed, the Registrar will grant you permission to enroll in the appropriate AWAY course for your term abroad.  This registration confirms you as a study abroad student and/or a full-time student (depending on the term abroad). Use our AWAY guide (pdf) to learn how to sign up for the AWAY course.

Enrolling in Courses That Are Not Pre-approved

Once abroad, if you enroll in one or more classes that were not approved on your VOT, you can request approval via an e-mail to Ms. Ali Kuczka ( in the Registrar’s Office.

  • List the term you are abroad and your student ID in the subject line (i.e. Fall 2016 Study Abroad Inquiry for XX12345).
  • Copy and paste your course description(s) into the body of your e-mail.
  • You should be sure to copy your academic advisor if it is for your major/minor and;
  • Copy the Education Abroad Office (


In order for your study abroad credit to transfer, ask that an official copy of your work be sent to the following address:

Center for Global Engagement
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

301 Administration Building
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250 USA