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All students studying abroad must attend the Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation. Refer to your term abroad in the chart below to determine the details of your orientation

Term Abroad                                           Orientation Date                 Orientation Time        Location

Summer 2018                                         Saturday, TBD           10:30am-1:30pm            PAHB 132

Summer 2018- Faculty Led Programs will have separate pre-departure orientations. Please check with your faculty leader for dates and times.

Fall 2018/Academic Year 2018-19        Saturday, TBD            10:30am-1:30pm            PAHB 132

Topics covered include:

  • Health and safety while abroad
  • Important steps to prepare for a study abroad program
  • Passport and visa information
  • Transfer of Credit and the Verification of Transferability Form
  • Applying financial aid to study abroad programs
  • On-Campus Accommodation (canceling UMBC housing contract)
  • Power of Attorney

While the presentation is intended for students and students are expected to take responsibility for their own requirements, if parents, partners, grandparents wish to attend, they are welcome.